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Below you will find
links to current legislation in Nova Scotia
as well as regulatory approaches elsewhere
Bill 101, The Tourist Accommodation Registration Act
Report of the Working Group on Short-term Rentals, Nova Scotia
Short-term rental regulations: Vancouver, B.C.
HRM By By-law M-200 Respecting Standards for Residential Occupancies
Hotel Association of Canada
Hotel Association of Canada
Ontario guide on home-sharing regulation for municipalities
New York Short-term rental regulations
New Orleans short-term rental regulations
PEI Fight for Affordable Housing- Survey
City of Charlottetown Survey: What to do about short-term rentals
Nova Scotia’s Airbnb regulations won’t aim to relieve pressure on housing supply
What condo owners can do to oust short-term rentals from their buildings
South Shore Housing Action Coalition - Resources
Boston Housing Chief:  "Thousands" of former Airbnbs to Hit Rental Market in December
Québec - Hébergement
Bill 168 - An Act Respecting the Regulation of Short-term Rental Accommodations
Private Member's Bill introduced by Lisa Roberts
Case 21162:  Secondary Suites and Backyard Suites (HRM)
Fairbnb Article - Affects of Short-Term Rentals on Toronto's Secondary Suites
NS Legislature Royal Gazette - Tourist Accommodations Regulations Act
Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta - February 27, 2020
Tourist Accommodations Registration Act - Short-Term Rentals Consultations
HRM Council Minutes - September 29-30, 2020

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